All I Want

Man it would be great if people covered their mouths when they coughed. It drives me nuts dive I tend to get colds which turn into bronchitis or sinus infections. 

Sorry to vent. 


Been Away

Sorry to have not updated. I’ve been trying to sort out the madness of the world of late. 

I also have been working both my jobs and doing freelance stuff as well so that’s the long and short of where I’ve been. 

The winter season has been weird.  It’s been cold, then unseasonably warm and then colder and cal again. All of it means that the ‘winter’ that I have cone to associate with the season is basically gone. 

I’m not gonna lie I do not miss the snow and ice. But I worry about mosquitos and whether or not fathers have enough water etc….

Still the weather is crazy and that ain’t right. 


I think everyone is tired of politics so I am just going to say that today was lovely and sunny.  It was a shield of warmth for those who had something to say or just wanted to chill on their porch. 

Johnny Marr Book Review

I wrote a review of the new Johnny Marr book for


Growing up as a teen I discovered The Smiths and from then on there was no turning back. I love The Smiths, but I am more of a Marr guy than a Morrissey guy. I think Johnny simply knows how to craft a song and melody and really go places with it.

Plus he’s got a real sense of what something should sound like before he sets out to play it.


Is this thing on……

statelibqld_2_297735_main_switch_board_at_the_central_power_station_mt-_morgan_1907Ok, so I have not attempted a regular blog for quite sometime. But after hearing everyone say ‘Hey you should write a blog” I have decided to give it a go.

Not because I am famous or important but mainly because it’s cathartic to share, let off steam, complain, whine, praise, nag and dig.

It’s a big world and there’s a lot happening in it so I will attempt to not be boring.

I live in St. Louis, Missouri, a place which gets kind of a bad rap, except for the locals who really love it’s different neighborhoods, good food seen and blossoming music environment.

Although I am with all of those who don’t get toasted ravioli.

So buckle up and bear with me while I work out the kinks.